Sunday, May 13, 2007

Go west, young man! (BSDCan, that is)

BSDCan is on in a few short days, and for the second year in a row, I'm heading there to present.

Last year, I did the PF tutorial and then hung around for the rest of the conference, taking in a number of excellent talks and hung around with the best and the brightest (or at least a significant subset) of the BSD world. (Then off to SANE the week after, spending I think about 12 hours at home before heading out to Delft. Good conference, but you might want to consider the jetlag with 6 hours' time dofference).

This time around I'm doing a revised PF tutorial (on May 17th, not bringing flags though) and presenting at the conference proper, with the malware paper on May 18th. I suppose that means I'm now officially a two trick pony.

There were some downsides to last year's BSDCan though: several of us greying BSD guys travelling with laptops spent up to several hours getting a rather too thorough examination of everything including laptops when going through Canadian customs. Greg's diary entry about his arrival in Ottawa describes rougly what I went through too, only they kind of gave up looking for kiddie porn, and for some reason they did not staple any weird documents into my passport. That episode is as far as I can determine one strong reason why Greg is not attending BSDCan this year. I'll be travelling with a camera this time, I wonder if that will set off any alarms in the bureaucracies. If it does, I do hope the invitation letter Dan Langille sent me will have some effect.

Anyway, it's now less than twelve hours until I leave for the airport. Still some work to be done on the slides, so this could turn out to be interesting in several ways.

Traffic to the PF tutorial is still a bit higher than what we'd been used to. It looks like undeadly has brought in some 1917 new friends (uniqe IP addresses or host names logged as visiting some part of the tutorial directory tree), while 467 have come over here via rootprompt.

The total number of visitors (again uniqe IP addresses or host names) to the tutorial now stands at almost nine and a half thousand since I moved the files over to the present site.

How many of those actually ended up using OpenBSD or some other PF equipped BSD is of course not so easy to tell, but it certainly is encouraging to know that people are reading the stuff.

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