Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May 1st: OpenBSD 4.1 is out, rootprompters pouring in

The big story today is, of course that OpenBSD 4.1 is out.

Well done, Theo and team!

I pre-order early and got my disk set a couple of weeks ago (and in fact I think this time I managed to grab the right snapshot), so for my sake it was only easier access to updated packages that happened today. Plus of course a reminder that I still need to edit the good new bits into my PF tutorial.

Lots of nice stuff in there, so if you haven't already, NOW is the time to go get yourself a copy; whip out the credit card. Or download and donate, of course.

On the other hand, rootprompt.org decided today was a nice day to publish the story I submitted to them a few weeks back, with a link to the PF tutorial - calling it "A well rounded PF tutorial (with spamd)". Thanks for that, Noel! And people referred from rootprompt.org have been pouring in, at least 120 by last count, bound to increase now that the leftpondians have woken up.

Since I submitted the story to rootprompt, Linuxtag changed their collective mind and decided they were interested in offering my PF tutorial after all. Combined with the "silent network" malware paper it might turn out that I go to Berlin after all, budgets allowing.

So the rough schedule for now looks like it's Ottawa, Berlin, then home to write, make the manuscript deadline before going to Copenhagen, back home to watch what happens, then when OpenBSD 4.2 and the book is out, Venice.

That, and a bit of writing work.

update: undeadly (aka OpenBSD Journal) noticed the rootprompt post too :)

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