Sunday, June 3, 2007

Summer's here and the time is right ...

... for working on the book. At long last, summer has found Bergen, with temperatures in the twenties C and only occasional rain. Great for heavy duty interaction with my laptop and various network gear I need to write about.

BSDCan was excellent (with total time spent on Canada Customs in excess of four minutes this time), lots of good material presented such as Michael W. Lucas' Netflow on the cheap tutorial.
The conference has turned into THE place to meet BSD people - I have a longish list of people to contact over various things (book related and others). Unfortunately with the Calgary hackathon due to start only about a week later, there were fewer OpenBSDers attending this year than last.

My two sessions both had something like thirty people in them each. The tutorial was well received and I think well executed; for the malware paper presentation my slides were still not good enough and I got a little too distracted by the microphone's oddities. Mostly people who read the paper think it worthwhile, what puzzles me is that some of the feedback I get is extremely hostile to any mention of spamd. Maybe it's the mention of my all time high (almost 12 hours) for having a spammer hang around to never finish delivering the message after all.

LinuxTag is past too. I ended up not going for various practical reasons, and I certainly hope Stephan's 1-hour version of the PF tutorial went well. He told me he'd cut out the spamd part entirely, but I still think he would need to talk fast.

Order of the day: Beat that chapter into shape, then prepare for a backyard barbecue.


  1. Speaking of barbecue. When is your annual BLUG-barbecue?

  2. Could be more than one I suppose :)

    Havent quite gotten around to firm plans just yet, but well, we do need to get there. I've sort of promised mbalmer one when they (mbalmer + vera) turn up sometime in August. Weather and other factors permitting we need to do something before then too.


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