Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Book of PF, 2nd ed: It's Here!

Yes, it's that time of the year again -- we missed both Halloween and the OpenBSD 4.8 release, but hot on the heels of both, here it is:

The Book of PF, 2nd Edition is here, a box of author's copies turned up here just after lunchtime, and were taken well care of by Nora and Birthe.

This means, of course, that those of you who preordered will be receiving your copies shortly (mod the usual factors eloquently described by Michael Lucas here, the printer in my case is in Louiseville, Quebec), those who have reason to expect copies from my hoard here can rest assured that I'm taking them to the post office right after this. There's an illegible scrawl on some early pages, sorry 'bout that.

Better bookstores online and elsewhere will have it, or you could make it part of a bundle by ordering from the OpenBSD orders page. You will be going there for your six monthly fix anyway, won't you?

Upcoming events: The plans are not fixed yet, but you should expect me to turn up at BSD-themed events over the next few months. Look for announcements here, tweeted, or via the usual mailing lists.

NOTE: This article refers to the now outdated second edition, which has been superseded by The Book of PF, 3rd Edition, which covers changes up to and including OpenBSD 5.6. For the purpose of learning network technology in general and PF in particular, the significantly updated third edition is a better choice than the second edition. Also see the October 25, 2015 post about the arrival of my third edition author copies.


  1. Hi.

    Are the first copies autographed?


  2. Hello, Do you cover multi-wan configuration in this edition?

  3. Just ordered my copy of PF 2nd ed. at Amazon last week and really looking forward to receive it! I hope it covers the new syntax of pf since OpenBSD 4.8 ;-)

  4. @Hosting Nuggets, The book is up to date with OpenBSD 4.8, which was the soon-to-be-released version while I worked on the second edition.

    The original plan was to have the new edition ready for the 4.7 release, but real life interfered so we aimed at 4.8 instead.


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