Saturday, February 16, 2008

Riga, here we come, OpenBSD 4.3 on the horizon

On Wednesday, Riga is the place to be, if attending a PF tutorial session for free is how you want to spend a day. You may have missed the announcement (and the update), but no matter - on Wednesday, February 20th I will be giving a full day tutorial in Riga, Latvia. has a Riga event page which is the space to watch for updates about the event.

A few things about the event is settled, though: The content will have quite a bit in common with the book, and I will be bringing a some copies of in case you need to pick up one (and promo postcards if you just want a souvenir). And time allowing, we will be previewing some of the things we can expect to see in the upcoming OpenBSD 4.3 release.

OpenBSD 4.3-RELEASE is likely to be cut in a few weeks' time (with a likely release date May 1st), so if you want to get an idea what it is going to look like or even want to help track down and squash any remaining bugs, now is the time to grab a snapshot and start putting it through the paces. If you're a little bit like me and can spare some capacity for testing, you will enjoy the process.

The next chance to catch a PF tutorial by me will be at the UKUUG Spring 2008 conference (not a free as in beer event), unless you arrange something yourself. This year's events look like they'll be a lot more ad hoc than earlier, so there may be other events announced later. Keep an eye on the OpenBSD Events page and any updates here.

Also keep an eye out for the upcoming premiere issue of BSD magazine. It promises to have about 60 pages of BSD related material in the first issue. I have an article in there that I hope you will enjoy.

See you in Riga or some other time,